___spike_____ (___spike_____) wrote in the_bloodofman,

Chapter 4

London, England

I've had enough of this. Some bloke followin' me round, creepin' in the shadows like I can't see him there. Even Dru said somethin' 'bout him coming by. I'd seen him the other night, hangin' round the pub. Ran into him. Now he's here. What's that all 'bout then? I walk up to him. He doesn't even notice me - too preoccupied with somethin'. Finally, he turns round. Knew it was him. There is somethin' different 'bout him though. I knew it when I passed him. Dead - like me, but different.

"What in the bloody 'ell do you want?” I ask. No sense in beatin' round the bush and what not.

He stays silent, not sayin' a thing, just lookin' at me. Probably thinks it would make me afraid or somthing. If that's what he thinks, he's sorely mistaken. I stare back at him, not blinkin' an eye. A smile breaks on his face, grinnin' like mad then he starts laughin', as if there's somthin' funny. Nutter this one is.
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