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The Blood of Man

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Welcome to The Blood of Man. This fic is NC-17 for language and sexual situations. Sit and enjoy your stay.

Lestat, Jessie, Maharet, Marius, and all other such characters belong to Anne Rice and all other affiliates. Queen of the Damned storyline belongs to those over at WB and their affiliates

Spike and all other such characters are sole property of Joss Whedon, WB, UPN, Mutant Enemy and all other affiliates.

There is no malicious intent from the use of these characters. I am not doing this for any monitary compensation and I seek no ill will towards those creative minds that have worked and toiled to create these characters.

This community is now, and until further notice, being taken over by Lestat and his friends.

Each chapter will be in a new post and each character will be thinking and speaking from their point of view. This journal seemed the easiest way to keep everything in some sort of cohesive unit. I may try a website devoted to this fic, or something like that, but only if there is sufficent intrest.

Also, this journal will be friends only due to Anne Rice's fetish with sicking her money hungry lawyers after innocent fanfic writers.

Sorry, but it has to be done.

The author, me, will remain unknown. Why? Because Anne Rice doesn't like people writing fiction with her characters. I don't agree with that. However, I do not wish to have anything happen to me or otherwise, so I will not give my name or e-mail, or anything else that may incriminate me.

I will be creating a feedback journal for those that are interested. fb_bloodofman Or, you can e-mail me at the_bloodofman@yahoo.com

I know it is unfair, and maybe when Anne Rice gives up on the hunt for ficwriters, I will come out of the woodwork, but not right now, and not for a while. Suffice to say that I appriciate any and all pimping, feedback and all other such things.

Thank you,
The Author
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